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Geological works, Radon exploration

Uranpres has rights to perform lode, hydrogeological, engineering-geological, geophysical and geological exploration of the environment. Employees are equipped with valid professional competence in all of the listed geological works and certification for official radon measurement.

Uranpres has long-term tradition in measuring natural radioactivity (in Slovakia from 1948) and in detection of radon risk (from the beginning of monitoring in Slovakia).

Uranpres is in charge of solving the majority of issues concerning natural and artificial mineral radioactivity in Slovakia, assigned by the Ministry of environment. In 1996, Uranpres issued geochemical atlas of natural radioactivity on Slovakia, which was published in two languages and became a knowledge base for natural radioactivity of minerals and waters as well as uranium lodes in Slovakia. Uranpres has also solved some other, smaller issues concerning mining works and their influence on Slovak environment in various areas and lode types.

Uranpres has also executed a plenty of hydrogeological explorations, especially in the eastern Slovakia. For the city of Poprad, the company designed and realized geothermal bore PP-1. Its water is nowadays used in the Aquacity thermal park. In 1998, company issued a study about geothermal waters in Poprad and Hornád hollow basin.

Uranpres has also performed engineering-geological works on many highway passages throughout Slovakia.



Why is it important to detect radon threats in the building’s subbase?

  1. Radioactivity belongs to the most harmful elements of environment in term of influence on health of inhabitants. Radon and products of its degradation cause nearly half of the radiation load on the population

  2. The average amount of radon batch input in Slovakia is 64,3 nGy.h-1, which is above the European average. Slovakia belongs to the first third of the countries ordered by the highest amounts.

  3. The middle and high radon risk was diagnosed in nearly 50% of the country area. Most of the cities and villages are situated in the valleys, which are the places of geological breakdowns and dislocations that provide radon with channels to exit from the bigger depths to the surface.

  4. The duty of measuring radon risk in house lots is also defined by various laws and statutory orders

  5. Detection of middle or high radon risk in house lot already in the pre-project stage enables to prepare purposeful, rational and effective actions, which are more cost-effective than actions executed in the buildings that are already in progress.


Within the measurement of natural radioactivity offers:

  • measurement of radon and determination of radon risk
  • measurement of natural radioactivity of minerals (uranium, radium, radon)
  • measurement of natural radioactivity of natural building materials and products
  • evaluation of plots based on environmental criteria
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