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URANPRES Ltd was established in 1994 as a successor of state-owned enterprise Uránový prieskum, which had been operating in Slovakia from the 1960s, focusing on detecting and inquiring uranium minerals throughout Slovakia.

Uránový prieskum had been granted a mining area in Novoveská Huta locality, where it performed exploration and extraction of copper-based minerals. In early 1990s, state grants in the area of industrial mining were shortened in contiguity with rapid political and economical changes in Slovakia, and as a result of it, the extraction was intercepted and the lode was preserved.

In that period company started to modify its production and those processes have transformed it into the current state of a fully qualified, good-class and reliable firm providing complex supplies of mine-construction, construction, geological and drilling works.

Specialized production activities are perfomed by qualified operations and management employees include:

  • mining works
  • mine-construction works
  • drilling works
  • geological works
  • construction works
  • measurement works
  • transportation

Company was located in Spišská Nová Ves from its foundation. In relation to changes in ownership valid from 27.2.2013, it has moved to Prešov, Čapajevova street 29. However, main production, warehouse and management site stayed in Spišská Nová Ves, Fraňa Kráľa street 2 and Novoveská Huta.


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